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Adult Swim's 'Yule Log' surprise

So everyone is eagerly anticipating the season 6 finale of RICK AND MORTY. Well Adult Swim is waiting as well as they are set to unveil something special to the Adult Swim audience.

After the Rick and Morty Season 6 finale on 12/11, Adult Swim will be airing what being promoted as an Adult Swim Yule Log. It will start off as a normal yule log video with holiday music, but then will slowly transform into a horror feature written and directed by Casper Kelly – most known as the brains behind the viral Adult Swim short Too Many Cooks. All is a surprise for Adult Swim fans who stick around for the festive Yule Log that will air at Midnight.

This marks the first time ADULT SWIM is doing a live action horror film. It's filmed in Atlanta and will premiere a censored version right after Rick and Morty. The next day you can watch the full uncensored version on HBO MAX.

Get in the holiday spirit with this cozy, crackling fire. Contains violence, adult language, and brief nudity. Parental guidance suggested. Adult Swim Yule Log is written and directed by Casper Kelly (Too Many Cooks) and stars Andrea Laing (The Game) and Justin Miles (Half Baked 2).

Look for more details and an exclusive interview with the crew behind the scenes!

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