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All the wrong moves "Murder Bury Death" - movie review

In a world full of betrayal murder and taxes nothing is better than a good ole fashion board game. Few understand how the world works but in Michael Lovan MURDER BURY DEATH we get a dark and grizzly look at an unlikely but humorous path. Three friends launch a new game inspired by the top murder solving game on the planet. When they get a chance to meet the inventor a day full of hope turns in a catastrophe where everything is off limits.

There's been plenty of films involving games that end up fatal but in this romp the game is only part of the story. What we find in the film is corruption, guilt and greed that ultimately tests the true friendship of the creators. One aspect that can't be over looked is the subtle gore involved that doesn't take away from the film. No waste on cheesy effects or CGI induced mayhem all three mains do a great job of keeping you on tract as the full story unravels around you.

MURDER BURY DEATH has all the making for a great horror drinking game with it's smart storytelling. By the end of the feature audiences will have participated in the world of MURY BURY DEATH which by name alone pays homage to games all the like. The pandemic brought a revival in the board game world so MURDER BURY DEATH will be a great inclusion in the today's cinema!

2.5 / 5

Writer/Director/Producer: Michael Lovan

Cast: Mikelen Walker, Erich Lane, Henry Alexander Kelly, Craig Cackowski, Brian Slaten

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