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"Amelia's Children" - movie review

"Review: Gabriel Abrantes' Supernatural Thriller 'Amelia's Children'"

Gabriel Abrantes presents the enchanting "bruja" film, 'Amelia's Children,' a supernatural thriller exploring ancient Portuguese myths. With a visually stunning cast including Brigette Lundy-Paine, Alba Baptista, and Carloto Cotta, the film attempts to immerse viewers in a fantasy world where evil lurks beneath. Despite its potential, an amplification of evil falls short, leaving a disturbing yet unforgettable conclusion.

The film draws parallels with the pandemic-era 'Two Witches,' offering an unapologetic portrayal of daughters of Satan. Lilith undertones and symbolism are apparent, with 'Amelia's Children' delving intentionally into the witch's mythos. The house's atmosphere and grandiosity evolve alongside the plot, becoming a standout dynamic.

While the film embraces witchcraft and fairy tale aspects, it falters in its development of the twins and the mother, making it oddly boring. Carloto Cotta's seamless portrayal of the twins and the exceptional performances by the female cast, especially the disturbing later version of Amelia, add depth. The makeup department's attention to detail enhances the eerie experience.

'Amelia's Children' intrigues with its smart moments but falls short as the inevitable conclusion unfolds. A short film version might have packed a stronger punch. Familiarity with black magic, witch lore, and bruja traditions enhances the viewing experience.

Rating: 2.5/5

Directed by Gabriel Abrantes

Starring Brigette Lundy-Paine, Alba Baptista, Carloto Cotta

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