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“Another Bundy tale in a very well done way” ‘Ted Bundy American Boogeyman’ -movie review

Earlier this week horror fans got a chance to watch the latest film involving serial killer Ted Bundy. Daniel Farrands Ted Bundy American Boogeyman is the latest incarnation in the serial killers franchise. This is no Zac Efron movie though this one’s a little bit darker and a little bit more to the real.

What really sticks out about this film is the different areas you follow between the cops that are trying to hunt down what’s going on with the serial killer and of course Ted Bundy himself played by Chad Michael Murray. The filmmaker does a great job of keeping a very dark authenticity in the film which allows you to really experience what the young ladies were going through during the Ted Bundy crisis. American Boogeyman is sneakingly well done because it focuses a lot more on the demented darkside of Ted Bundy and not his looks and not how the women perceived him which got them in so much trouble.

For a character that has been done more times than Batman in films these days it was still pretty refreshing and provocative to see this side of Ted Bundy that we know have existed for such a long time.This is probably one of the more authentic feeling features on Ted Bundy that I’ve seen in quite some time and a lot of that is in part to the role played by Chad.

when Ted Bundy American bogeyman hits VOD in September I think a lot of people will take a glance at it because it is one of the most popular characters and serial killer history.

I will say that they will all be very surprised at how well done this feature is put together and how they’ll get to see a side of Ted Bundy that they know exists but has been very misrepresented in the past this is spot on for what we know this killer to be.


Daniel Farrands wrote and directed the project, which stars Chad Michael Murray (House Of Wax, The Haunting In Connecticut 2: Ghosts Of Georgia, and Riverdale) as Bundy. Rounding out the key cast are Genre actress Lin Shaye (Insidious franchise, The Grudge, Penny Dreadful: City Of Angels) and Holland Roden (Escape Room 2, Teen Wolf).

US VOD and DVD release on September 3, 2021.

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