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"Bachelorette party gone wrong?" 'All Must Die' - movie review

So the time honored tradition of bachelorette parties like so many other things has evolved. Push away the strip clubs and get ready for cabin in the woods cocktails and good old fashion murder. In the Norwegian horror film from Geir Greni we find a group of friends that have planned a special treat for the bride to be. When they arrive they soon find out there is something else at play as the bodies start piling up one by one. In the vain of the horror classics like HIGH TENSION, ALL MUST DIE is a traditional slasher with a won't see it coming ending.

Geir Greni provides a setting all to familiar with horror fans in ALL MUST DIE. Nothing more campier than grabbing a group of friends and heading to the woods for some shenanigans. The Norwegian filmmaker has down their homework as we get a cast of various types that all carry certain attributes needed to fulfill any horror flick. ALL MUST DIE is an ode to the late 90's slashers with a mid 70's flair. The use of the cut out faces of the main character Gina (Viktoria Winge) allowed for extra creepiness that would have put a smile on Wes Craven's face. Being a foreign film it will be slightly hard to digest for most American viewers but its a pretty straight forward slasher. Everything from swimming naked to pitchforks shows up in ALL MUST DIE so any true fan will be able to see all the inspirations from start to finish.

The sad part is the familiarity is what sometimes hurts a decent film. I thought while longer than it needed to be ALL MUST DIE was entertaining. The deception in the film gives it a sense of depth even though film fans will be calling foul the minute it happens. By no means does that make this a throwaway feature. All the elements you could want in a "who is the killer?" film are there so it's really nothing to complain about. The interaction with the cast was formidable and the kills weren't too exaggerated or far fetched. If you can make ALL MUST DIE stand alone in your mind while viewing you will see it's an enjoyable horror film.


ALL MUST DIE is directed by Geir Greni and stars Viktoria Winge, Tinashe Williamson, Julia Schacht, and Marte Sæteren. It is available August 2nd on all platforms courtesy of Breaking Glass Pictures.

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