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Gravitas Ventures has recently acquired worldwide rights to the film "SNOW VALLEY," the directorial debut from the late Brandon Murphy, a filmmaker associated with the thriller genre. Featuring renowned actress Barbara Crampton, the movie unveils a ski resort town harboring a concealed secret. The narrative revolves around a ski vacation that unexpectedly transforms into a battle against an ominous force. Scheduled for release on March 26th through Gravitas Ventures, this film brings together talents such as Rachel Michiko Whitney, Cooper van Grootel, Tom Williamson, David Lambert, Paige Elkington, and Ali Fumiko Whitney.

Gravitas Ventures, an Anthem Sports & Entertainment, Inc. company, has acquired worldwide rights to Uinta Productions and Paper Street Pictures’ SNOW VALLEY, a directorial debut from the late Brandon Murphy, it was announced today.

Written and directed by Murphy (HITMAN’S WIFE’S BODYGUARD), the film stars Barbara Crampton (RE-ANIMATOR), Rachel Michiko Whitney (THE CARD COUNTER), Cooper van Grootel (ONE OF US IS LYING), Tom Williamson (ALL CHEERLEADERS DIE), David Lambert (THE FOSTERS), Paige Elkington (RELATIONSHIP STATUS), and Ali Fumiko Whitney (THE ROAD DANCE).

In this psychological thriller, a newly engaged couple's swank ski weekend goes horribly awry, when an unexpected guest arrives and the house's dark supernatural forces begin to rise on the anniversary of a tragic event.

SNOW VALLEY was produced by Chris Abernathy, Aaron B. Koontz, Justice Laub, Rachel Michiko Whitney, and executive produced by Andrea Chung and Solco Schuit.

“Wes Craven, who I worked with before his passing, once told me ‘a good horror story can find humor in the most scary moments’ I believe writer/director Brandon Murphy does a fantastic job in adding a humorous touch to the film’s darker themes that makes the film an enjoyable ride,” said executive producer Andrea Chung.

"It's been a cathartic journey to find a home for the film to honor Brandon's memory and celebrate the incredible work the entire cast and crew put into his directorial debut,” said producer Rachel Michiko Whitney.

“Gravitas is excited to be bringing the story the mysterious ski resort town of Snow Valley to viewers worldwide. With an impressive ensemble cast and exciting scenes and atmosphere written and directed by Brandon Murphy, we believe audiences will be thrilled by what is uncovered,” stated Bill Guentzler, Vice Present of Acquisitions.

The deal was negotiated by Andrea Chung on behalf of the filmmakers and by Bill Guentzler on behalf of Gravitas Ventures.


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