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BATAVIA Explores Legend And Folklore With New Full-Length Album, 'Mythos'

Gothic/industrial band BATAVIA has unveiled their first full-length album, Mythos. In the tradition of their previous entries, Mythos is a highly conceptual release. Each song is an exploration of legend and folklore, from both home and abroad.

Mythos explores tales both known and obscure, new and old; from The Bell Witch and Red Headed Hitchhiker to the infamous Buzzer radio signal of Moscow.


Recording of Mythos began shortly after their previous EP, Quite Mean Spirited, with musical ambitions set higher than anything they had released previously. The result is a collage of influences, ranging from post-punk, goth rock, noise rock, industrial and EBM, with no song standing firmly in one singular genre. While each song was written to reflect the mood of the subject matter, Mythos is a release that was written as a singular listening journey into the stories that have captured our imagination for generations.

Joining BATAVIA on this release is label mate Beta Virus, who provided vocals on "UVB-76". JD Tucker lent his mixing talents to "Azafrán," with James Scott of Populist Recording and Eric Oehler of Submersible Studios providing mastering for the release. The band has also included three retro-flavored remixes of the songs "Mercy’s Burning Heart," "Her Vacant Chair," and "Anthemoessa."

Mythos Tracklist:

01 - Bricks

02 - Azafrán

03 - The Walking Song

04 - Mercy’s Burning Heart

05 - Her Vacant Chair

06 - UVB-76

07 - Anthemoessa

08 - Bell Witch

09 - Mercy’s Burning Heart (Brahm’s Manor Mix)

10 - Her Vacant Chair (Pearl Mix)

11 - Anthemoessa (Skynet Mix)

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