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#BITS2022 'Control' - movie review

Usually a single room film for most viewers is the least likely thing to strike their appeal. Let's be honest over the pandemic it was almost too easy to do but there were a few gems here and there. One of the more surprising films in this regard is the latest sci fi survival thriller from James Mark CONTROL. Already available to rent or own on most outlets it played in this weeks BITS festival. CONTROL is a unique and gritty tale on psychic abilities. Even though it didn't blow us away CONTROL has an invoking storyline of survival , family and moving pencils!

CONTROL gives us the story of Eillen (Sara Mitich) a young lady who has yet to tap into her psychic abilities. To the point where we aren't sure she knows they exist. She is locked in a room and given certain instructions that she must follow or her daughter dies. Things turn for the worse when her abusive and alcoholic husband also ends up in the room. Honestly the first half of CONTROL is a precise and very unassuming narrative. I was locked in from the start which speaks volumes because I usually pass on films of the such. Mitich and George Tchortov who plays Eileen's husband Roger have great rapport with each other. Matter of fact they are so good of creating the guise of their family issues it kinda gave away the entire film.

The second half of the film was just utter chaos, and not in the way I usually enjoy. I was dishearten to see the movie take such a dramatic turn that I couldn't really buy in to how the film rounded out. The effects were great and creative which can sometimes be hard to do. I think we have all seen two of the best psychic powers films with the likes of FIRESTARTER (not the remake although it had some moments) and CARRIE. No way am I comparing CONTROL to those films but the display of carnage of a pissed off Eileen had tons of potential. Really when you find out what's going on it started to dilute the feature but it's still a detectable film. I wouldn't mind seeing more telekinetic flicks as they were such a part of my childhood in the 80's and 90's. I'm not expecting anything too original but at least films like CONTROL give you a taste of what ideas could be developed.

2.5 / 5

CONTROL is directed by James Mark and stars Sara Mitich and George Tchortov.

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