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#BITS2022 'The Devil Comes at Night' - movie review

One of the films making their world premiere at BITS is the Scott Leaver supernatural film THE DEVIL COMES AT NIGHT. This slow burning demonic thriller is paced by a well written story and a mysterious undertone of what we are watching. Standout performances by the leads Adrienne Kress and Ryan Allen who co wrote the screenplay with Leaver holds it all together. THE DEVIL COMES AT NIGHT has a passion project feel that will entertain viewers from start to finish.

Films like THE DEVIL COMES AT NIGHT is why we got into indie horror. Little effects, a less than stellar budget but yet all kinds of creepy atmosphere. The cast and crew have to make these films work and for TDCN the narrative by its self is more than rewarding. The story follows a washed up boxer looking to make a quick buck to help a dying friend. It leads him back to his estranged fathers house. Here he runs into all kinds of trouble that brings up some issues you don't often see in indie horror. The tone of "racism" echoed freely through the film but didn't overshadow the full story. Still it was refreshing to see how diligent the story was to include that what could be happening to the key character as bigotry. One of the main reasons I'm drawn to this notion is that it reminds the viewer that there may have been a time in the past similar to this. Where the victims may have thought something supernatural was its at midst when it's just racism. The opposite could also be true. You are starting to see these ideas highlighted more in film and I'm all for it. THE DEVIL COMES AT NIGHT would probably do well without this element but it really adds layer to an already limpid story.

I always wish for the best when I run across films like THE DEVIL COMES OUT AT NIGHT. I know the true horror fiends will have every opportunity to see this film. Though it's one I feel the masses would benefit from. Of course it helps the filmmakers but it can also helps us, the viewers. Religion, demonic possession, violence, racism and so much more make up THE DEVIL COMES AT NIGHT. The possibility of an over complex story could have presented itself at anytime but didn't. Straight forward from start to finish with the kinda burn that makes sense. For sure a film to keep on your radar.


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