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"Cellphone" - movie review

CELLPHONE: A Glimpse into the Supernatural, but Falters Along the Way"

"CELLPHONE," the latest supernatural thriller directed by Luke Sommer, attempts to weave a dark and gritty narrative reminiscent of old-school Asian horror. The film follows the journey of Wynne, played by Whitney Rose Pynn, as she tries to rebuild her life after a tragic accident. While Pynn and co-star Justin Malik Jackson deliver commendable performances, the film struggles to capitalize on its potential, leaving viewers wanting more.


Whitney Rose Pynn and Justin Malik Jackson shine in their respective roles, bringing depth and emotion to the characters they portray. The film successfully captures the essence of slow-burning supernatural drama, creating an eerie atmosphere that adds to the overall suspense. The premise, centered around Wynne receiving disturbing images on her cellphone foretelling her future, holds promise for an engaging storyline.


Despite its potential, CELLPHONE falls short in execution. The inclusion of flashbacks and a convoluted storyline leaves the audience confused and detracts from the overall impact of the narrative. Moments within the film seem to lack direction, making it feel as if the story is meandering without a clear destination. The manic elements mixed in with Jackson's performance contribute to the overall disjointed feel of the film.

Final Verdict:

While "CELLPHONE" may find a place among fans of slow-burning supernatural dramas, it fails to fully realize its potential. The strong performances by Pynn and Jackson are hindered by a confusing narrative structure and lack of cohesion. With a rating of 2.0/5 from HMUNCUT, the film falls short of expectations, leaving audiences craving a more imaginative and action-packed experience. Perhaps with some refinement and a clearer focus, "CELLPHONE" could have been a more compelling addition to the genre.


- Release Date: February 13, 2024

- Directed by: Luke Sommer

- Written by: Rachel Sommer

- Starring: Malcolm McDowell, Whitney Rose Pynn, Justin Malik Jackson, Jared Noble, Isaac Versaw & Katherine Barber

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I had the impression this film was going to be unique right from the opening scene. Just a few minutes later, we meet Wynne, and I realized this wasn't going to be your average jump scare flick. Without spoiling anything, I will say that this film had a lasting impression on me. dinosaur game

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