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CFF2022' "Pussycake" - movie review

The minute you start watching the film PUSSYCAKE from filmmaker Pablo Pares you can smell the gore on the horizon. This Argentine sci fi horror romp formerly titled EMESIS is a heavy metal genre blend that you would expect from the title alone. PUSSYCAKE follows an all girl rock band looking for their big break when the most unfortunate of circumstances happens. Blame it on science but somehow an alien parasite race is hell bent on taking over the minds of the planet while another out of this world creature may be there to stop it. Possibly?

PUSSYCAKE has an interwoven tale which starts as a fight for female freedom then instantly turns into a fight to stay alive. All the specifics are here. Mindless yet controlled zombies straight out of a TROMA styled production, scantly clad individuals and alien bugs you wouldn't want showing up at your barbecue. The story is pretty straight forward so it allows the viewer to take a keen eye on the effects which are actually better than some of the acting. This is a popcorn late night movie through and through with no shame in being one. That of course works for any gore filled flick as all your are anticipating in fun. Over the top scenarios makes PUSSYCAKE bleed late 80's grind house vibes. Don't look too deep into this one folks as it truly is what it's trying to be.

Does PUSSYCAKE have cult classic material? Well that is yet to be determined but it's hard not to see this as a favorite in any festival it's in. Woke horror has no place in films such as this. Even though there are certain cliches present it's a female led horror with bite or should we say splatter. If you are not a gore hound stay away from PUSSYCAKE it's not for you. This is punk rock sci fi horror in it's purest form so the audience that loves that dynamic will flock to PUSSYCAKE in droves!


PUSSYCAKE is directed by Pablo Pares and stars Flor Moreno, Florencia Moreno, Anahí Politi, Sofia Rossi, Aldana Ruberto and Macarena Suárez.

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