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Cryptid Creature Feature FROGMAN Coming to VOD/Digital 3/8 from Rotting Press

🐸🎬 FROGMAN Emerges from the Swamps onto VHS! 📼✨

Get ready for a nostalgic trip into the cryptic with the long-awaited release of the Hi-8 festival favorite, FROGMAN! 🌟👻

📅 Release Dates:

- 📼 Collector’s Version VHS: February 9

- 🌐 VOD/Digital Platforms: March 8

🔍 Synopsis:

In Loveland, Ohio, the legendary Frogman lurks. Based on the chilling real-life encounter of a 12-year-old in 1999, FROGMAN dives into the eerie mystery. Directed by Anthony Cousins, this found-footage creature feature, shot predominantly on VHS, explores the horrifying secrets hidden beneath Loveland's idyllic surface.


🤯 Can Frogman read minds? Does he wield a wand? Is Frogman really... you know? 🤔 One thing's for sure - the croaks are NO hoax!

🌈 Mark your calendars! Collect your VHS on February 9 and brace for the Lovecraftian nightmare on March 8! 🐸📼 #FrogmanRelease #Hi8FestivalFavorite #CryptidHunters

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