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‘Cube Of despair’ “The Abandon” - Movie review

Sci fi thrillers have a way of capturing the imagination of its viewers and you can tell Jason Satterlund wanted to do the same with his film THE ABANDON. The story follows a wounded soldier who is captured by what seems to be an alien presence inside of a giant cube and ever so often the cube has a disturbance that creates more fear for the soldier. Only armed with his mind and a two-way phone he along with a mysterious person (Tamara Perry) must figure out a way to escape what seems to be there doom. Nerve wrecking and dreadful THE ABANDON is a mind twister that will have you guessing until the end.

There is a big INDEPENDENCE DAY energy from the start of the film THE ABANDON. Jonathan Rosenthal is Miles are wounded soldier who seems to be trapped in a cube that will not let him free and also has a weird magnetic presence that constantly causes disturbances. From the start of the film the viewer is instantly thrown into a claustrophobic world not understanding who to trust and if Miles will have any way to escape. As the film goes on Jason does a fantastic job of keeping the audience guessing which becomes not just a cat and mouse situation but more a question of reality as we watch Miles not only shrink inside of a cube but shrink inside of his mind.

With little to use it was a very good job by the crew of creating this world inside of the cube that seemed unrelenting and filled with purgatory. The set really entices the movement of the film. Usually features of this type will find audiences leaving early as they have checked out from the repetition that is being delivered. Just when THE ABANDON starts to slow down they do a great job of switching and changing up the atmosphere.

There is a huge possibility THE ABANDON will get lost in the huge assortment of Sci fi thrillers that are clouding the landscape in 2022. We’re here at HMU feel that those who do stumble across this film will get captured and will want to see to the end how it all plays out. What more could a film ask for. if there was one issue of the film it would just be the final actions seem to go nowhere and there’s a little bit of confusion still left at the end but it’s really hard to expect it to relay and play out anywhere else. For sure check out THE ABANDON if it’s available on any of your already purchased streaming platforms.

2.5 / 5

THE ABANDON will have its World Premiere, in competition, at the 2022 Mammoth Film Festival. To purchase tickets, please visit

A Film by: Jason Satterlund

Starring: Jonathan Rosenthal and Tamara Perry

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