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"Dark Obsession" - movie review

As we approach the end of the year, let's delve into some recently released indie horror flicks, with a particular focus on the psychosocial thriller DARK OBSESSION by George Henry Horton. Released in the last few weeks, this film has caught the attention of viewers as a head-turner. The storyline revolves around Anne, portrayed by Blaine Morris, a young wife and painter grappling with the complexities of her life. Abandoned by her husband, Harry (Leonard Amoia), Anne finds herself in a state of emotional turmoil, questioning whether his departure is a result of manipulation.

While the film has moments that captivate with its atmospheric tone, it falls short of maintaining an inspiring pace, leaning more towards being an atmospheric burner. Anne's character undergoes a meltdown as she tries to make sense of her husband's disappearance, and Morris skillfully portrays the profound impact of her character's emotional journey. The film explores the theme that, even when something is detrimental to us, losing it takes away a part of who we are.

Despite the predominant theme of solitude in the film, there are instances where Anne must confront society and reality. These moments bring in cameo appearances from genre favorites, but the standout performance comes from Leonard Amoia, who plays the devilish role of Harry. Amoia's portrayal adds an intriguing layer of trickery to the narrative, making it hard to dismiss his character's influence. Both Blaine Morris and Leonard Amoia deliver uncanny performances that elevate the appeal of what might have otherwise been a lukewarm film.

DARK OBSESSION caters to psychological fanatics, much like other films we've reviewed this year, such as "BRIGHTWOOD." Despite the film's reliance on a small cast, it manages to accomplish a lot, with the complexity of Anne's situation serving as the driving force. However, it's worth noting that the storyline becomes somewhat foreseeable as it unfolds, a minor drawback for those seeking more unpredictability in the plot. Nevertheless, the film's exploration of Anne's psychological unraveling adds depth to the overall viewing experience.

2.5 /5

DARK OBSESSION Co-written (with Blaine Morris) and directed by UK-based George Henry Horton, DARK OBSESSION stars Morris (MTV’s SKINS), BAFTA-nominated Mena Suvari (AMERICAN BEAUTY), Oscar-nominated Adriana Barraza (BLUE BEETLE, BABEL), and Danielle Harris (Rob Zombie’s HALLOWEEN).

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