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Debut Trailer: Samuel L Jackson & Vincent Cassel in "Damaged"

Renowned actors Samuel L. Jackson and Vincent Cassel team up in the Scottish crime thriller "Damaged," delving into a chilling narrative of murder and mystery with roots stretching across continents.

The film, directed by Terry McDonough, explores the harrowing tale of a series of deaths in Scotland, echoing a haunting pattern reminiscent of a past case in Chicago. As fear grips the local authorities, they enlist the expertise of a seasoned Chicago police detective, portrayed by Jackson, who had previously confronted a similar spree of killings.

In "Damaged," Jackson and Cassel portray two detectives haunted by their own pasts, thrust into a race against time to apprehend a cunning and merciless serial killer before more lives are claimed.

The release of the film's trailer this week has ignited anticipation among audiences, hinting at an action-packed journey where worlds collide in pursuit of justice. Symbolism evoking "Lilith" and "Leviathan" adds layers of intrigue, suggesting a deeper, more sinister narrative lurking beneath the surface.

The star-studded cast includes Gianni Capaldi, Laura Haddock, John Hannah, Katie Dickie, and Brian McCardie, alongside the dynamic duo of Jackson and Cassel.

"Damaged" promises to deliver a gripping cinematic experience, blending elements of crime, thriller, and psychological drama. Audiences can catch the film in theaters and on demand starting April 12th.


- Samuel L. Jackson

- Vincent Cassel

- Gianni Capaldi

- Laura Haddock

- John Hannah

- Katie Dickie

- Brian McCardie

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