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DO NOT DISTURB - In Theaters and Digital This November

"It's been some time since we last received updates on the tantalizing honeymoon cannibal thriller, 'DO NOT DISTURB.' A cinematic gem that left us captivated during last year's festival circuit, it's now set for a widespread release. Dark Sky has exciting plans to bring this film to both theaters and on-demand platforms next month, and we're here to provide you with all the anticipated details. For those who relish body horror and cannibal-themed movies, 'DO NOT DISTURB' is a must-add to your watchlist."

Here is our review from GRIMMFEST 2022 on DO NOT DISTURB

A psychedelic horror film wrapped in a failed marriage and cannibalism comes to theaters and digital this November. DO NOT DISTURB, from Dark Star Pictures, hits the big and small screens after receiving raves on the genre festival circuit including screenings at Popcorn Frights, Screamfest LA, Atlanta Horror Fest and more. Chloe and Jack travel to Miami for their honeymoon. They decide that a peyote experience will strengthen their marriage. However, they've been given a powerful strand that awakens a desire to eat human flesh. Confronting their toxic relationship, their room becomes a den of love, lust and resentment as Chloe realizes that the way to escape this troubled marriage to is to literally consume Jack. Theatrical Release - 11/17/23 VOD Release - 11/21/23

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