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Grimmfest Xmas Horror Nights 'Doorways opened with chocolate and fear' "Deathcember" - movie review

A Christmas tradition that we are all familiar with is the advent calendar. In some cultures and countries this daily opening of joy is just as important as the big day itself. At this years Grimmfest Holiday Horror an anthology of terror DEATHCEMBER was brought to the screens by a legion of producers and filmmakers to give their own little take on the holiday season.

DEATHCEMBER gives us 24 devilish yuletide tales with a bit of sci fi and carnage sprinkled into the mix. DEATHCEMBER is unexpectedly good and really captures the changing of the season as a whole.

DEATHCEMBER's overall premise follows the animated story of an advent calendar being opened. Each day leads into another story told by a slew of amazing filmmaker such as Lucky McKee, Julian Richards, Issac Ezban, Polly McIntosh, Vivienne Vaughn and many more. There is something for everyone in the anthology even though you may have to tread some waters. Depending on how much you enjoy holiday horror you may be taken back by this international approach. The smart thing about DEATHCEMBER is how it really embraces the idea of "December" more than Christmas. So that mean's its a great film for fans who don't want the normal Santa/Krampus styled horror.

DEATHCEMBER is doing fantastic on the festival circuit and we are understand why. Fans love holiday horrors so just the timing alone works out perfect for filmgoers to get their eyes on this film. There are a few standout shorts that will create personal favorites for myself "Before Sundown" (Jason A. Rostovsky) and "Kill Santa (Sadrac González-Perellón) are two that stick out. I'm sure you will find your favorites as well.


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