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Electro-Industrial Act SPANKTHENUN Goes Dark & Diverse With 'The Bunker Tapes Volume II'

Dark electro-industrial act SPANKTHENUN picks up where The Bunker Tapes Vol. I and the closing track, "Dominate" left us.

Now, The Bunker Tapes Vol. II continues the journey of mid 90-influenced industrial beats and moves into a more dark electro territory, then finally to a pure EBM vision with tracks like "Industrial Beats" and "Lockdown". Like the previous album, Vol. II includes original tracks and remixes of the fan favorites like the face-ripping "Off Beatings", the introspective "I Self Me" and "Right Father".

Indeed the album is more substantial than its feel of late 90s dark electro. "The Smoking Gun" is a stark reflection of the political nightmare that turned a deadly disease into a worldwide pandemic, once only thought possible in sci-fi films. "Lockdown" takes the EBM vibe down a darker path in its idea that "we are part of the broken machine."

But the stylistic diversity of SPANKTHENUN is expressed with the fun and quirky vibe of "I Am The Fire" juxtaposed with the aforementioned tracks that maintain a more conceptual seriousness.

The physical CD carries an additional track from The Bunker Tapes Vol I - "Fight and Breed" with a special dual remix from Upon Eventual Collapse and Leather Strip, bringing an unexpected new vibe to the track... only on the CD.

SPANKTHENUN is a band who works with other bands and artists all over the world. The main output from SPANKTHENUN is by the two core members of the band as well as some regular collaborators. The original focus of the band was to write and play live and not release any music on traditional streaming or physical formats. That changed in 2019 when the focus changed to getting the music out and releasing it through all means possible. This put them in a good position to be very prolific during the lockdown in 2020, including work with legendary industrial icon Claus Larsen on their first single "Rotting Meat" and the album, The Bunker Tapes Vol. I.

In 2020, SPANKTHENUN also released the full length album Initial Decay Control, several singles including very dark cover of the X-mas classic "Jingle Bells" and a cover of KMFDMs classic club hit "Virus", as well as an extended remix album, Glitch Burn Sin featuring several legendary artists from the industrial music scene.

Now, in 2021, SPANKTHENUN drops the dark and diverse sounds of The Bunker Tapes Vol. II.

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