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'Every single woman has the devil inside' "Agnes" - movie review

Hitting Tribeca Film Festival last weekend was the intriguingly hilarious dark comedy AGNES. Set as an "exorcism movie" AGNES adds more to the mix and really plays more like a desolate satire. Coming from Mickey Reece the film follows Agnes and her friend Mary. After one insane night at the seminary their lives along with those connected will change forever.

As I mentioned on my podcast Submissions and Slashers there are two parts to this film. What happens to AGNES and what happens to Mary when she leaves the seminary. The story of Mary is deep as we find out about her past and watch her reunite with society. The funny ensues when you see the interactions she has with the public as she believes the demon that destroyed her best friend is after her. I found myself constantly going back to what happened with AGNES as Mary's story takes you further and further away.

The overall aesthetic of the film was great and both AGNES and Mary played by Hayley McFarland and Molly Quinn was more than welcoming. It's the story that just didn't sit well. I love the idea that maybe psycho analysis is the proper way to "exorcise" a demon and believe me these guys do everything. Still I feel as if AGNES story is lost in the film that has her name and that just doesn't make any sense. Still worth the watch for the laugh out loud moments that you will find sprinkled all throughout the feature.


AGNES is directed by Mickey Reece and star Hayley McFarland Molly Quinn, Jake Horowitz, Sean Gunn, Chris Browning, Ben Hall, Mary Buss, Chris Sullivan.


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