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Fantastic Fest 2023' Day 1 & 2 recaps

Photos courtesy of Fons PR

I want to start by apologizing for any delays in this coverage. It's been quite a hectic journey as a one-man team. Nonetheless, the first two days of Fantastic Fest have been a blast, and the opening film, "THE TOXIC AVENGER," set the stage perfectly. We've had some exciting encounters, including spotting Elijah Wood and having filmmaker Malcolm Blair in attendance, but the real show was on the screen.

Fantastic Fest was a Troma meets Satan takeover featuring Satanic ritual-themed elements that left us intrigued. I'm still eager to chat with Tim about why Satan seems to be a recurring theme this year, and hopefully, we'll get those answers soon. As for the closing night party, it was a neon-infused electro-pop extravaganza. However, my focus was on the final film of the evening, "SLEEP," which happens to be one of the smartest supernatural thrillers I've seen in quite some time. Stay tuned for the upcoming review!

JT Mollner director of STRANGE DARLING photo courtesy of Fons PR

Day 2 was a whirlwind with red-carpet events, "Drag Me To Hell" celebrations, and a slew of one-on-one interviews. I promise to bring those to you sooner rather than later. Although the film highlights of the night were "VHS 85': The Fall Of The House of Usher Episodes 1 & 2," I regrettably missed them. My personal highlight was experiencing JT Mollner's incredible work, "STRANGE DARLING," which might just earn a nod for film of the year from us. "The Last Video Store" was also on the list, but I decided to call it a night and head home in my Uber with one thing in mind: a good night's sleep.

Now, on to Day 3, where "Pet Sematary" looms on the horizon, and another round of interviews awaits. Be sure to follow us @HMUNCUT for all the latest updates on all platforms!

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