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FANTASTIC FEST 21’ “The Trip” - movie review plus BTS footage and more stills!

FANTASTIC FEST 2021 got a little gem in regards to director Tommy Wirkola's insane thrill ride known as THE TRIP / ONDE DAGER. Starring Naomi Rapace and Aksel Hennie we find a couple on the brink of killing each other "literally" when they stumble upon three convicts that have taken refuge in their cabin vacation home. Not only are the two looking out for blood with each other this added mix of the convicts allows an insane journey filled with blood and gore that’ll keep the viewer locked in the entire time.

THE TRIP is exactly the type of film you would expect to see at FANTASTIC FEST and this little Norwegian black comedy has all the makings of getting a good buzz and following. The cast does a fantastic job of implementing the comedy right from the start so you get a true idea of how much hate is being presented between our two main characters. Once the chaos starts it never lets go which is always idea when you know you have fans in the seats watching your film.

The late night cinema is in full affect throughout the entire globe and THE TRIP is just more evidence of this as it allows you to really get to see how much carnage and genre blending can be found together in one film. A smooth interwoven storyline gives relevance to each character and adds even more to the experience.

THE TRIP should generate a great buzz at FANTASTIC FEST like it has other festivals. Plenty of blood plenty of gore and plenty of reasons for everyone to be glued to their seats. It will be no different once THE TRIP arrives on Netflix. Make sure you are on the lookout for this wildly entertaining black comedy!


THE TRIP is directed by Tommy Wirkola written by Nick Ball John Niven Tommy Wirkola

it stars Noomi Rapace, Aksel Hennie and André Eriksen.

ENJOY THESE EXCLUSIVE SCREEN SHOTS AND 11 mins of behind the scenes footage!

BTS extra 11 Mins

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