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There are often many changes to families that can pull them together or drive them apart. In James Suttles THE NEST we find a family holding onto their loving bond when a parasite looks to infiltrate their daughter. After finding a sinister looking teddy bear at a garage sale a young woman becomes distant from her peers with only her mother to latch on to. Soon this evils spreads and there may be no escape from its manipulative plans.

THE NEST works as a deep family drama set inside of a horror film. The dynamic between the mother and daughter is vital to the flow of the film and really creates the story within the story. Once we start to see the effects of the creature it's hard not believe some more dramatic matters wouldn't been used to see what was wrong with the child. With a larger budget i'm sure we would have seen more public interaction with the creature but the subtle minor moments make the monster larger than what we see on screen. The NEST has a CHILD'S PLAY vibe when dealing with the monster so in all reality the horror is within the family.

Genre legend Dee Wallace adds to the already strong cast that will draw you in to the family dynamic. THE NEST has the kind of reach that will touch audiences of all kinds. Gorehounds may be a little disappointed at the lack of action in the film but should be more than happy with terrific ending!


THE NEST is directed by James Suttles, the film stars Dee Wallace, Sarah Navratil and Kevin Patrick Murphy, and marks the feature film screenwriting debut of Jennifer Trudring.

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