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Horror Movies Uncut Best of 2020'

Now that the calendar year has changed it's time for us to look at a few movies we feel were the best of last year in the genre category of horror. It's been one of the trickiest years for the Industry but luckily for us most of the films of 2020 were already in circulation prior to the pandemic. Still it was a turbulent time that didn't fall short on some stand out films. Check out what we considered our top film of the year along with a few other candidates you need to see heading into 2021! Happy New Year fiends and it's nice to be back in the horror world with you! -

Travis Brown -owner HMU


ROPES / PREY / Cordes (original title)

While it has three titles the film known as ROPES by José Luis Montesinos is our top pick of the year. It was filmed in 2019 but released in October of 2020! The story follows a paralyzed woman trapped in the house by a rapid service dog with a special set of skills. Beautifully shot and tension filled picture from start to finish is what puts this film at the top of our list. The main thing that sticks with you well after the film is that there was really nothing you personally can do to save this woman but man did you want to! I haven't yelled at a movie in ages so ROPES really brought me back.



Honestly this movie scared the crap out of us and it was so relevant for these times. Millions of people became familiar with ZOOM (even though it's been out for a while) during the pandemic. But to take such a worldly used product and inject it with evil is what the genre of horror is all about. HOST by Rob Savage really reminded us of PARANORMAL ACTIVITY when it first came out. It was such a simple concept that reached magnitudes of fright by simple tricks and camera placement. Also PA resonated with people everywhere because of the home movies feel while we all know HOST is doing the same with our work calls! HOST was very close to being the top film so make sure you check this one out ICYMI.


Surely from our reviews you guys know the love we have here at HMU for FRIED BARRY. we feel like this film touched so many genres that it damn near created it's own. When you watch genre film that has the ability to create some laugh out moments you aren't expecting to be on the floor while watching. It was such a joy to watch from start to finish. Ryan Kruger touched things in alien possession that we have never seen before and will never forget.

Other must see films of 2020 in no particular order......







While we may not have been able to attend the events we wanted in 2020 we for sure watched a lot of movies. Go check these films out and let us know what were your top picks! Be on the lookout for an onslaught of horror films right after February once markets open back up. We expect 2021 to be just as solid as 2020 when it comes to horror and genre films.


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