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HORROR TEASE: LOCKDOWN 封鎖 | Official Trailer | (2021) Xander Berkeley - Asia's 1st NFT Movie

Found this one on Reddit!:

While the world continues to grasp with an ongoing pandemic and much of the world is in lockdown, an actor enters an audition where the casting director forces him to pass a series of tests in order to keep those around him alive. As events escalate and more people are trapped in the mastermind's web the actor must confront his past, overcome his present, and answer the most pressing question about this game - Why? Shot on location around the world during the pandemic, Lockdown 封鎖 is an international thriller telling a timeless story about this moment in time. A UK-HK co-production, Lockdown makes history as Asia's 1st NFT feature film and the world's 1st h-NFT feature film. The global cast includes Xander Berkeley ("The Walking Dead"), John Savage ("The Last Full Measure"), Anita Chui 崔碧珈 ("OCTB"), Reza Diako (Apple TV+ "Tehran"), Jumayn Hunter ("Small Axe: Mangrove"), Kevin Leslie ("The Rise of the Krays"), Pamela Nomvete ("Gangs of London"), Luke Hornsby ("1917"), Mike Leeder ("Fearless"), and Meguri めぐり (메구리).

Lockdown © 2021 Phoenix Waters Productions

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