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'How the mighty have fallen' "UNDERGODS" - movie review

When we look at the climate of the world around us it's hard not to see a dismal future for many. In most features the elites still have their own grounds but in Chino Moya UNDERGODS we see everything from the bottom up. A complex group of interwoven tales that range in everything from cannibalism to the return of loved ones we "thought" we lost. This dystopian future is not for the timid and meek.

Moya vision in UNDERGODS is extraordinary but unfortunately as peculiar as the stories may be they never match the aesthetic. One does not need cyborg or robots to create the picture of a desolate run down futuristic society but after seeing UNDERGODS you see why so many story tellers that route. Really the issues that befall the amazing cast could have been placed in any setting and receive the same reaction but with the macabre beauty that existed viewers will be begging for more action, more violence more something!

Still it's a very thoughtful feature that stresses the importance of human values and we become less than that in the future. There is a CLOVERFIELD LANE feeling while watching UNDERGODS and that's due to the work of the cast as they meander through the script. Unfortunately for us humans UNDERGODS is just another reminder of the possible disarray we may all face not too far from now.


UNDERGODS is available now on demand and limited theaters .

Director: Chino Moya

Cast: Kate Dickie, Ned Dennehy, Geza Rohrig, Burn Gorman and Tanya Reynolds.

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