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"I'll Crush Y'all" heads to Fantastic Fest 2023'

We are less than a month away from the return of FANTASTIC FEST and this will be our 8th year covering the fest. Recently we announced the first feature films on the bill but one of the great aspects of the festival are the foreign indie imports. Today we received word on a new film from Kike Narcea I'LL CRUSH Y'ALL or OS REVIENTO. This hardcore action firestorm stars action star Mario Mayo as a former boxer dealing with a difficult life post prison. I can't wait to see this film at FF so look for more coverage on I'LL CRUSH Y'ALL as we get closer to the event.

The new film from the director Kike Narcea, "I'll Crush Y'All" (original spanish title "Os Reviento"),is about to hit the market. This raucous action adventure, filled with punches and shots, begins its journey through festivals World Premiere at the prestigious Fantastic Festival in Austin, Texas


Regarded as one of the largest genre festivals in the United States, it will be the site of the

movie’s, between September 21 and 28, 2023.

“Nuthead is getting finally free from jail, so he wants to become a good cityzen. Suddenly his

father dies and leaves him alone, leading to a short period of time where a bunch of different

people arrives to Nuthead ́s home with bizarre intentions. He has the same willing for each one, to crush ́em all. An Iberian action film.” (KIKE NARCEA, writer and director).

The film is led by Mario Mayo as Gabriel, alongside Ana Márquez, Raúl Jiménez, Diego París, and Fernando Gil among other performers. However, the extensive cast is rounded out by names such as Fabia Castro, Antonio Mayans, Lone Fleming, Javier Botet, Benja de la Rosa, Marc Velasco, Manuel Huedo, and Rut Santamaría.

"I’LL CRUSH Y’ALL" is a spanish independent film (with a budget below 1M) produced by JAR Producciones, The OtherSide Films, Bruno Martín Loniego Films, and Gamera Studios.

Together,they have created this work filled with punches, shots, profanity, and jokes.

The soundtrack by Daniel Maldonado "Sam" completes this work with magnificent

accompaniment, adding speed and tension to every minute of the film. Sound mixing, on the

other hand, has been carried out by Manuel Rojas Jr. The stunts for the movie were coordinated by Angel Plana, and the special effects have been delivered by the nine-time Goya Award winner, Reyes Abades. “I’LL CRUSH Y’ALL is a showcase for Mario Mayo’s Nuthead (prompting one of our programmers to dub him "the Spanish Jason Statham") and for Rut Santamaría as his slingshot-wielding partner, Mónica. They punch, tackle, kick, and shoot their way through the waves of gangsters trying to take them down, getting into some screwball romantic comedy hijinks along the way, but mostly they just kill guys. [...] I’LL CRUSH Y’ALL is a no-nonsense brawler where the only thing nastier than these characters' morals are the fights they get into.” (AUSTIN KING, Fantastic Fest)

Gabriel, a.k.a. NUTHEAD, is a former boxer who lives in a shithole village outside the city with his father and his dog. He could still box, but after getting locked up for a few years, he wants to live a chill life so rathers to keep it low-key.

When his father dies and his shady dealings come to light, a variety of characters show up at his doorstep with their own intentions: His brother and his psycho new chick, a pissed-off stalker, some dangerous mobsters with shady-ass plans, and a bunch of goons huntin' down a stolen cash stash.

Even though he tries to stay outta the shitstorm, he's gotta face 'em all head-on to set things

straight, forcing him to use his best skill, bustin' heads and throwin' blows until those fuckers are flat on the ground, beat to a pulp.


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