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"I'LL CRUSH Y'ALL" Triumphs at the BURIED ALIVE Film Festival

I'LL CRUSH Y'ALL star Mario Mayo and producer Jamie Arnaiz

The talented filmmakers from Spain have been on a winning streak, leaving an indelible mark on film festivals across the globe. Their latest achievement comes from the recent screening of "I'LL CRUSH Y'ALL" at the BURIED ALIVE Film Festival in Atlanta.

This past weekend, the Madrid-based crew added another feather to their cap by clinching the prestigious "Best Feature" award, a remarkable follow-up to their earlier audience award at Fantastic Fest.

As the journey continues for "I'LL CRUSH Y'ALL," the next destination on the horizon is the renowned SITGES Film Festival, followed by an exciting lineup of other international events. With their remarkable track record, we're eagerly anticipating some exciting distribution news in the near future!

Stay tuned for more updates on this captivating Spanish production that's taking the festival circuit by storm.

Gabriel, a.k.a. NUTHEAD, is a former boxer who lives in a shithole village outside the city with his father and his dog. He could still box, but after getting locked up for a few years, he wants to live a chill life so rather to keep it low-key.

When his father dies and his shady dealings come to light, a variety of characters show up at his doorstep with their own intentions: His brother and his psycho new chick, a pissed-off stalker, some dangerous mobsters with shady-ass plans, and a bunch of goons huntin' down a stolen cash stash.

Even though he tries to stay outta the shitstorm, he's gotta face 'em all head-on to set things

straight, forcing him to use his best skill, bustin' heads and throwin' blows until those fuckers are flat on the ground, beat to a pulp.

A film by Kike Narcea

" The Missed Transaction"

For more information about "I'LL CRUSH Y'ALL," please visit:


Instagram: @osrevientofilm


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