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"In the midnight hour she cried more, more," Ten Minutes To Midnight - movie review Grimmfest 2020'

I believe it's fitting to kick off the review for TEN MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT with some rock and roll music. Why? Because Erik Bloomquist late night vamp flick is an ode to the metal legacy that has always surrounded the vampire culture. On one night a rock radio DJ finds out that her final show was just the beginning of her new life! There is no snoozing on TEN MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT as it will warp your reality on vampire transfiguration.

First off big shout out to Erik and Carson for dropping the premise of the Vampire Bat into the mix. Not since THE ROOST have we seen a new vision on the perspective of vampire bat films. Caroline Williams is spot on for the role of Amy the aging rocker DJ. While I would have liked to see a tad bit more zest in her character she moved seamlessly through the altered perception of the takeover. I was more than thrilled at how the film took a moment to make sure you are paying attention which proves Bloomquist knows his vampire movies.

TEN MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT is a fun and short lived horror flick. The viewers will get a kick out of the tasty bloody treats throughout the movie. As I mentioned before the pacing of Williams could put a more aggressive stamp on MINUTES but it's still worth a view if you are attending this years GRIMMFEST 2020!


-Travis Brown

Horror Movies Uncut

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