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INFESTED gets a US Trailer

Shudder is set to release the highly-anticipated film "INFESTED," directed by French filmmaker Sébastien Vaniček. After earning praise at secret screenings and festivals worldwide, this horror gem, awarded Best Horror at last year's Fantastic Fest, is hitting streaming screens on April 26th, just in time for spring spider encounters. The plot follows Kaleb, a man passionate about exotic animals, whose purchase of a venomous spider leads to a harrowing escape, transforming his apartment building into a nightmarish web. Join Kaleb and his friends on a survival journey in this gripping film. #INFESTED #ShudderRelease #HorrorFilm

Kaleb is about to turn 30 and has never been lonelier. He’s fighting with his sister over an inheritance and has cut ties with his best friend. Fascinated by exotic animals, he finds a venomous spider in a shop and brings it back to his apartment. It only takes a moment for the spider to escape and reproduce, turning the whole building into a dreadful web trap. The only option for Kaleb and his friends is to find a way out and survive.

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