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'It's the ultimate sacrifice' "The Swerve" - movie review

Ladies and gentlemen the plight of the modern American housewife. It's something that we know exists and ever so often we hear a crazy story about one. Lorena Bobbitt and more are the stories we know from generations to generations. The question we must ask ourselves is what does society place on these women who are the caretakers of not only their families but everyone involved in their life? In Dean Kapsalis film THE SWERVE we find a mother on the brink who is dealing mental instability with so much. A crude family and the possibility off escaping her lifestyle are the key factors in this turbulent film. THE SWERVE is a well paced dark thriller with an ending that will leave speechless.

Usually in the landscape of a film like this the viewers have a sense of empathy for the main character Holly played by Azura Skye. Skye puts on surreal and daunting performance which draws you in from the minute she has her interactions with her family. The rest of the ensemble were equally remarkable at times but Skye role added so many layers to a story that was simple and destructive at the same time.

If lifetime movies got it right it would be THE SWERVE. Its such a deep and compelling story but it's simple and direct in it's approach. This will hit some harder than others which is perfect for the climate we are involved in. Watch for THE SWERVE to be on the top of everyone's top films of the year list and look for our exclusive interview with Azura on the Submissions and Slashers podcast.


THE SWERVE is directed by Dean Kapsalis and stars Azura Skyle , Ashley Bell, Zach Rand, Deborah Hedwell and Bryce Pinkham.

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