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Lionsgate Unveils New Sci-Fi Gaming Thriller "Latency" with Fresh Stills

Lionsgate has just introduced a thrilling new sci-fi film from director James Croke, titled "Latency," set to hit theaters on June 14th. The studio recently released a series of tantalizing stills from the movie, giving fans a sneak peek at what's to come.

"Latency" stars Sasha Luss as Hana, a professional gamer grappling with severe agoraphobia. When Hana is selected to test a groundbreaking piece of gaming equipment powered by artificial intelligence, she sees it as an opportunity to push her skills to new heights. The device is designed to interpret and respond to the electrical activity of her brain, offering an unprecedented level of interaction and immersion.

As Hana delves deeper into the capabilities of this sophisticated technology with the help of her best friend Jen, portrayed by Alexis Ren, the boundaries between her game and reality begin to blur. The AI’s ability to access her subconscious mind raises unsettling questions: Is the device genuinely enhancing her gaming experience, or is it manipulating her for a darker purpose?

James Croke, the visionary director and writer behind "Latency," promises a gripping narrative that explores the intersection of technology and the human psyche. The film's intriguing premise and the recently released stills hint at a visually stunning and psychologically intense experience for moviegoers.

With its unique blend of sci-fi and psychological thriller elements, "Latency" is poised to be a standout film this summer. Fans of high-concept thrillers and gaming culture won't want to miss this one.

Directed and Written by: James Croke

Starring: Sasha Luss, Alexis Ren

Mark your calendars for June 14th and prepare to immerse yourself in the thrilling world of "Latency." For now, enjoy the newly released stills and get ready for a cinematic journey that challenges the boundaries of reality and the mind.


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