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Living Dead Drummer Appears in Nuda's Latest Music Video

Catch Living Dead Drummer, Nick Mason, with Kato Punk of DK-Zero and Petey Normal making appearances in Nuda’s official music video for “All In Your Head.” The video is the leading track off of the dark electronic instrumental artist’s second album, Mindful Tragedies, both of which drop today.

LDD and Nuda will be sharing a virtual stage March 11-13 on the Welcome to the New Apocalypse Tour, a five show series of live stream concerts. LDD will be keeping beat for electronic industrial metal duo FleischKrieg, while Nuda and theatrical hard rock group Cryptamnesia will provide direct support.

In February, LDD’s virtual project The Deadlights released their third music video “Sybaritic.” The video contains clips from contributors across the country, with each person involved choosing a different TV or film genre for their clip’s theme, much like the popular Marvel show, WandaVision. LDD is featured prominently throughout the video.

In the coming weeks The Deadlights will release another single with accompanying video for "Faded Tattoo.” This video will consist of a compilation of fan videos displaying their tattoo work.

Ethan Royal will be releasing his latest EP Mister Miser Man, which features LDD on drums throughout. Ethan had the following to say about Nick’s involvement on the album: Nick was actually the first drummer recommended to me during recording. I knew the EP needed some live sound from the get go and I kid you not, this man vibed so hard with the tunes. His sound could NOT disappoint if he tried. And I came at him with some random time changes midverse in some songs, too! Every time a new song was ready for drums, Nick was on it and legit the sound wouldn’t have been the same without him.

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