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Metrograph Pictures Acquires North American Rights to Jérémy Clapin’s MEANWHILE ON EARTH Following Premiere at Berlinale

"Meanwhile on Earth" Secures North American Distribution After Berlin Film Festival Premiere

Following its world premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival, Jérémy Clapin's sci-fi thriller "Meanwhile on Earth" has secured distribution with Metrograph Pictures handling North American rights. The live-action debut of the Academy Award®-nominated director of "I Lost my Body," the film follows Elsa (Megan Northam) and her family as they grapple with the disappearance of her astronaut brother Franck. After Franck mysteriously contacts Elsa, she unravels dark forces behind his reappearance, pushing her to confront the lengths she'll go for family. Hailed as "poetic and endearingly surreal," the film is set for a 2024 theatrical release.

Key Highlights:

- World premiere at Berlin Film Festival.

- Metrograph Pictures acquires North American rights.

- Directed by Jérémy Clapin, known for "I Lost my Body."

- Elsa's journey explores supernatural elements and emotional depths.

- Anticipated 2024 theatrical release.

Jérémy Clapin expresses enthusiasm for the collaboration with Metrograph Pictures, ensuring the film aligns seamlessly with its essence.

David Laub, Head of Metrograph Pictures, praises Clapin's talent, citing "Meanwhile on Earth" as an exciting blend of visionary sci-fi and emotional resonance.


Carole Baraton of Charades emphasizes the alignment between the film's branding and Metrograph Pictures' vision for the US audience.

About "Meanwhile on Earth":

- Clapin's sophomore live-action feature.

- Previous success with "I Lost my Body" at Cannes and the Academy Awards.

- Produced by Marc Du Pontavice, executive produced by Luc Bricault.

- Edited by Jean-Christophe Bouzy, lensed by Robrecht Heyvaert, with music by Dan Levy.

As anticipation builds for the film's release, "Meanwhile on Earth" promises a captivating journey through the intersection of the supernatural and familial bonds. Stay tuned for more updates and delve into the immersive world crafted by Jérémy Clapin.

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