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Midnight Pulp Gores up for Halloween

Midnight Pulp, the popular streaming channel for fans of horror, thriller and action programming, has unveiled a full-throttle lineup of classic films and TV series intended to have viewers sleeping with the lights on. Starting October 30, these indie films will be featured on demand:

· The Hills Have Eyes

· The Hills Have Eyes Part 2

· Blood Tide

· Dream No Evil

· Horror Express

· Kolobos

On October 31, the free linear Midnight Pulp channel (available on Samsung TV Plus, STIRR and Plex) will feature a marathon including:

· Hideo Nakata's Ringu series and Dark Water.

· The early 70s Dracula trilogy Evil Of Dracula, Lake Of Dracula and The Vampire Doll.

· Episodes of The Complex and Ghost Theater.

Midnight Pulp, part of the growing DMR ( OTT Channels group, is available at, and as an app on popular mobile and connected TV devices, streaming all things strange and on demand. 

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