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Mutant Presents The Premiere Physical Release Of FX's SHŌGUN Soundtrack On Vinyl

Mutant, in partnership with FX and Hollywood Records, is proud to present the premier physical release of the original soundtrack to the critically acclaimed FX series Shōgun.

Composers Atticus Ross (The Social Network, Watchmen, Soul, Gone Girl, Mank), Leopold Ross (Monarch: Legacy of Monsters, The Book of Eli, Death Note, Triple 9) and Nick Chuba (The Girl from Plainville, Dr. Death, Thelma) worked for over two years on the music to the 10-episode miniseries. Combining authentic Japanese instruments and modern digital production, the score is unlike anything you’ve ever heard.

The Shōgun Composers digitally manipulated period-accurate instruments and sounds to create a sonic landscape that is unique and disarming.

"Atticus Ross, Leopold Ross, and Nick Chuba spent two years composing the score for Shōgun, and the result is simply breathtaking, says Spencer Hickman, Mutant Co-Founder. “The score perfectly blends the epic and powerful with the understated and somber, and features an otherworldly quality that creates an underlying sense of tension and unease. To create this unique score, the composers enlisted the help of Japanese arranger Taro Ishida to record traditional Japanese Gakaku instruments, which were then manipulated using samplers and electronics. The result is a score that is both familiar and strange, neither entirely Japanese nor Western, perfectly capturing the feeling of being in an unfamiliar land. Shōgun has quickly become one of our favorite shows of 2024, and we are thrilled to release the soundtrack featuring Yuko Shimizu's incredibly evocative art.”

This premiere physical release features exclusive artwork by award-winning illustrator Yuko Shimizu, an 8-page booklet, with a foreword by co-composer Leopold Ross, and is pressed on 140gm vinyl. The Shōgun original soundtrack will be available for pre-order beginning April 24th on Mutant's webstore

Shōgun - Original Soundtrack

Music by Atticus Ross, Leopold Ross and Nick Chuba

Artwork by Yuko Shimizu

Pressed on 140gm Crimson Sky Vinyl



Side One

1. Erasmus

2. Main Title (Shōgun)

3. Osaka Castle

4. The Council Will Answer to Me

5. Tanto

6. Crimson Sky

7. Three Hearts

8. The Pull of Death

Side Two

1. Willow World

2. This Is War

3. A Dream Within a Dream

4. Land of Tears

5. Shinobi

6. Why Tell a Dead Man the Future

7. The Bureaucrat

8. Two Hearts

Visit the Mutant official site & social handles for more information:

Instagram: @MadeByMutant

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Facebook: @MadeByMutant

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