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New Clips: Epic Pictures' COP SECRET / Now Available On Demand Everywhere

Epic Pictures' action/comedy COP SECRET from Hannes Thor Haldorsson, is now available On Demand Everywhere and In Select Theaters.

COP SECRET, the feature debut from writer-director Hannes Thor Haldorsson (Iceland’s national soccer team goalkeeper), is an Icelandic action-packed, buddy-cop parody that follows Iceland’s toughest cop (Auðunn Blöndal) who clashes with his new partner (Egill Einarsson) when they team up to solve a series of violent bank heists.

Iceland’s toughest cop will stop at nothing to solve a string of violent bank robberies. But when he is forced to take on a new partner, the pressures of solving the case prove too much for the tough-as-nails renegade.

COP SECRET | "Meeting"

COP SECRET | "Chase"

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