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New trailer for tech thriller "Cellphone"

📱 Something's Buzzing on the Horizon: CELLPHONE by Luke and Rachel Sommer 📅

Hey, thriller enthusiasts! 🍿 Brace yourselves for the upcoming supernatural flick - CELLPHONE, brought to you by Gravitas Ventures. Directed by Luke Sommer and penned by Rachel Sommer, this one's promising a blend of the eerie and the enigmatic.

Release Date: February 13, 2024


Meet Wynne, dealing with the heavy weight of her fiancé's loss. But here's the twist - her phone's decided to be a harbinger of the mysterious kind, bombarding her with cryptic images about her future. Will she crack the code before it's game over?

🌟 Featuring a Stellar Cast:

- Malcolm McDowell

- Whitney Rose Pynn

- Justin Malik Jackson

- Jared Noble

- Isaac Versaw

- Katherine Barber

🎥 Directed by Luke Sommer | Written by Rachel Sommer


Wynne, played by Whitney Rose Pynn, gets caught in a whirlwind of weirdness as her cellphone goes all fortune-teller on her. Can she make sense of the spooky messages before it gets too late?

📆 Save the Date: February 13, 2024

🍿 Will CELLPHONE be the thriller of the year? We haven't seen it yet, but mark your calendars and join the ride on February 13, 2024! No hype, just info. Stay tuned! 🕵️‍♂️✨

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- Malcolm McDowell

- Whitney Rose Pynn

- Justin Malik Jackson

- Geometry dash subzero

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