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"No surrender, no retreat" 'Alone' GRIMMFEST 2020'- movie review

Picture if you may the absolute worst day of your life. How would you spend it? Who would you spend it with? Sure there are obvious answers but one common denominator that resides in us all is the threat we may die...alone. Well if John Hyams was the one in charge of our fate it may look along the lines of his new high octane thriller ALONE. To quote a friend whom asked when inquiring the film, "is it rapey?" (not a real word.) The short answer was no. ALONE is psychopathic driven thriller that proves even the best decisions may lead to the worst outcomes.

ALONE stars Jules Wilcox as Jessica. A woman on the brink that just needs solitude. Unfortunately for her a deranged lunatic with charm is lurking on the highways looking to be a burden. When the two cross paths it starts an instant cat and mouse game of dire proportions. Will Jessica make it? Or is there something else going on with this strange man that is chasing her?

ALONE will blow you away with its deceptiveness. The characters mirror their intelligence which plays so well on screen. "The man" played by Marc Menchaca is a frightening reminder of how twisted the mind can be in a world already filled with fear and turmoil. All pandemic aside if you want a few hours of entertainment well then ALONE will fill the void.

As mentioned to the director ALONE should resonate across fanbases of horror and thriller films alike. A constant tension builder from beginning to end, ALONE grabs on and doesn't let go.


ALONE is directed by John Hyams, written by Mattias Olsson and stars Jules Willcox, Marc Menchaca and Anthony Heald.

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