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Official Trailer! THE GHOST LIGHTS - A New X-File Opens This August

Coming this August to from Terror Films, The Ghost Lights, a spine-chilling new science-fiction thriller about a journalist on the search for truth about extra-terrestrial life.

A journalist returns home after the death of her father and discovers a mysterious cassette tape describing strange disappearances and mysterious lights appearing in the skies of West Texas. In an effort to connect with the memory of her late father, she sets out on a cross-state road trip to discover the truth.

Billy Blair (Jonah Hex), Katreeva Phillips and John Francis McCullagh uncover an X-File in this summer’s most intriguing genre jaunt.

Says director Timothy Stevens, “If I were to choose a theme for 2020, it would be loss. And we did lose so much- jobs, our ways of life, and in some tragic cases our friends and loved ones. This film too is about loss and the inevitable regret that follows. We wish we could go back, say something we always meant to say but never made the time, pay attention when we were too self-obsessed to notice, or make a different decision before it was too late. The Ghost Lights seeks to explore the darkness of this guilt and possibilities of reconciliation, even across time itself.”


The Ghost Lights is on digital August 26 followed by the Terror Films Channel September 2 and Kings of Horror on Sep 9.

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