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‘One last job’ NIGHTRIDE - movie review

Whenever you try to make a film with one shot there’s a little room for error. While the master of the one shot filmmaking will always be Alfred Hitchcock it is nice to see that a lot of young filmmakers are pursuing the same style of direction. Also allowing themselves to create their own tales from topics they are clearly intertwined in and nothing could be more evident in the new feature NIGHTRIDE.

Director Stephen Fingleton takes us on a nice little journey through the streets of Belfast with one criminal looking to finally get out of the business. As with any film in this vain things of course don’t go as planned and the night starts off easy but quickly turns into turbulence. Moe Dunford stars in the feature and does an intriguing job of allowing the viewer to join him through this engagement. What really rounds out the film and keeps the viewers locked in is the countless phone calls that he’s going through trying to piece what should’ve been one last night of business into a night of hell. For those who are fans of any type of action crime thriller involving small time criminals, Ukrainian mafia members, and a lot of backstabbing betrayal they will surely enjoy NIGHTRIDE.

It works if the viewer can deal with the one shot angles that are presented in the film. Especially with the lengthy car scenes. Unfortunately this can also be the downfall of NIGHTRIDE as we do live in a short time frame attention span society. Personally we think most will actually enjoy the challenging journey and want to see what happens in the compelling fate of our main character in NIGHTRIDE.

There are no special tricks or set ups to show off with one shot filmmaking. Everything has to be timed and into focus right on time. NIGHTRIDE succeeds in this but we are curious to if the overall story is enough to draw you in?

2.5 / 5


In Select Theaters and On Demand on March 4

Directed by: Stephen Fingleton

Written by: Ben Conway

Starring: Moe Dunford, Joana Ribeiro

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