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Out of Darkness heads to theaters on February 9th from Bleecker Street

Bleecker Street, a bustling distribution company, is gearing up for the release of its latest genre film, "Out of Darkness," a prehistoric thriller directed by Andrew Cumming. Previously known as "The Origin" during its debut at Fantastic Fest, this film has secured its place on our list of "must-see" films for 2024.

Set to hit theaters on February 9th, "Out of Darkness" transports viewers 45,000 years into the past, where a small group finds themselves washed ashore on an inhospitable island. As night falls, the group discovers they are not alone, unleashing a terrifying evil that challenges their very survival. In this prehistoric B.C. setting, relationships within the group begin to fracture, and a determined young woman must confront the horrifying and mysterious new enemy, making difficult choices for the group's survival.

Directed by Andrew Cumming, the screenplay is crafted by Ruth Greenberg, featuring a talented cast including Safia Oakley-Green, Kit Young ("Shadow and Bone"), Chuku Modu ("The 100"), Lola Evans, Arno Lüning, and Luna Mwezi. The film is produced by Oliver Kassman, with Wendy Griffin as Co-Producer, and executive producers David Kaplan and Sam Intili. Don't miss the intense journey of "Out of Darkness" as it unfolds on the big screen, promising a gripping tale of survival in prehistoric times.

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