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Panic Fest 24' "Ghost Game" - movie review

Jill Gevargizian makes a captivating return with her latest film "Ghost Game," featuring the mesmerizing Kia Dorsey. "Ghost Game" proves to be an engaging journey through sinister acts, introspection, and a formidable haunted house. While it may not induce sleepless nights of terror, the film offers a glimpse into our own vain pursuits, where we seek risky obsessions to break free from mundane routines.

The story revolves around a young woman Laura, (Dorsey) who finds a renewed sense of purpose through a series of elaborate pranks involving unsuspecting homeowners. Unlike the chilling tales from Asia where people inhabit walls, "Ghost Game" leans more towards mischievous online antics focused on embarrassment rather than harm. Kia Dorsey's portrayal of the lead character hints at a darker side, while Zaen Haidar's role as her boyfriend Vinny serves as a voice of reason. Their dynamic fuels the narrative, with both delivering commendable performances.

The addition of a family subplot, featuring Michael C. Williams from "Blair Witch Project," along with Emily Bennett and Vienna Maas, adds depth to the storyline. While Williams' character could have been further explored, the intertwining narratives are deftly handled by writer Adam Cesare and Gevargizian. "Ghost Game" serves as a stark reminder of the repercussions of selfish choices, cleverly accentuated by the inclusion of masks, which elevate the film's intrigue.

The structural progression showcased by Gevargizian is commendable, capturing the authenticity of each character. Dorsey's portrayal offers a rare depiction of vulnerability in a black female lead, portraying a character unafraid to fight for her desires, no matter how unconventional or perilous they may seem. Supported by a strong ensemble cast, including Haider and Sam Lukowski, "Ghost Game" proves to be a delightful viewing experience from beginning to end.


Ghost Game

Director: Jill Gevargizian

Screenwriter: Adam Cesare

Executive Producer: Eduardo Sanchez

Cast: Kia Dorsey, Zaen Haider, Aidan Hughes, Michael C. Williams, Emily Bennett, Sam Lukowski, Sharrie McCain, Vienna Maas

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