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Popcorn Frights Film Festival 23' "Santastein" - movie review

Even though the temperatures outside are sweltering hot for horror fans there is some yuletide chill in the air. One of the best things about end of the year festivals are the prospects of the next hot "holiday" horror on the horizon. It is not the holiday you are thinking of, we are talking about CHRISTMAS horror. Manuel Camilion and Benjamin Edelman dive into the genre with their ho ho mash up of St. Nick and Mary Shelly's creation with their film SANTASTEIN. Honestly do we need to say anymore?

Even though it's a reimagining of the classic FRANKENSTEIN tale that's been done over ten fold, there is still some creativity here. The movie stars Jared Korotkin as Max a young man who accidentally kills Santa Claus one night as a kid. Of course years later he becomes a mad scientist hell bent on resurrecting Santa to restore Christmas which has disappeared since that fatal night. There is all kinds of "weird science" nerd vibes to appreciate in SANTASTEIN and it's too hard not to think of the classic SILENT NIGHT films once SANTASTEIN goes on his killing spree.

Super fun and campy on so many levels is how I would describe SANTASTEIN. Though I will say the movie didn't move fast enough for me. I felt the start of the film was very promising with their attention to structure introducing the cast while delivering the back story, Once it got to the events of the night the film felt choppy at times. Still the young cast was pretty solid so there is enough laughs and blood spill to make this one of the more entertaining watches of the festival. Not only will SANTASTEIN standout based on premise , but in a sea of 2-4 character pandemic distance films this was refreshing.


SANTASTEIN is directed by Manuel Camilion and Benjamin Edelman.

It stars Jared Korotkin, Micheal Vitovich, Kaylie Heyner, Ophelia Rivera.

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