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"Save the girl at any cost" 'The Killer' - movie review

Based off the webcomic of the same name comes the action packed and brutally entertaining film from Choi Jae-Hun THE KILLER. Filled with lightning fast fight scenes and a one man army played by JANG Hyuk (Disney +'s Bloody Heart, The Swordsman, Tomb of the River, Windstruck, Volcano High), THE KILLER is a must see for all action fans. Similar to movies such as THE RAID and JOHN WICK, THE KILLER has an anime action feel that will leave viewers wanting more.

The story follows a retired mercenary for hire who is tasked with watching over his wife's friend's daughter. Of course as a teenager she can be quite of a bit to handle but he will make sure to take care of her by all means. That can't be stated without enough emphasis because this guy puts in some work to protect this young lady. You can tell he's content with his retirement and really wants no part of this. Though it's hard to deny his ability to kill and great stunt work by all makes this an on the edge thriller. With a title like THE KILLER you know you are in for some carnage, but this film exceeds expectations on what it delivers. Not only is THE KILLER filled with violence its absolutely hilarious as well.

The idea behind THE KILLER is solid and clean. While it's not an absolute revenge tale, the direction and story remain steady from start to finish. Take all of the guesswork out with this one. Pull out the popcorn and get ready from some blood, amazing martial arts choreography and a few laughs. Films like THE KILLER don't come around too often anymore so hopefully it will start a revival of the genre. For some reason I don't think this will be the last time we see THE KILLER and for martial arts and action fans everywhere that is a good thing.


THE KILLER is directed by Choi Jae-Hun and stars Jang Hyuk (Bloody Heart, The Swordsman), Lee Seo-young (Kpop Singer of GWSN), Bang Eun-jung (My Roommate is a Gumiho, Young Adult Matters).

In Theaters July 13, 2022 (US and Korea)

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