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Sci fi buddy comedy "Foil" debuts trailer

Today the new comedy from Zach Green and Devin O'Rouke "Foil" released it's debut trailer. The zany looking comedy follows two friends skipping out on their high school reunion in favor of an exploration in the desert. When their motives don't line up things get even more off kilter with the arrival of a stranger. Check out the trailer ahead and look for "Foil" to hit on demand May 10th courtesy of Cranked Up.

After opting out of their high school reunion to reconnect on a desert camping trip, Rex and Dexter realize their intentions for the weekend are at odds. Dexter, a failed filmmaker, hopes to harness a fabled vortex in the area to inspire a movie idea. Rex, a rebellious conspiracy theorist, plans to investigate a rumored UFO crash believed to explain the anomaly. Tensions boil over when they meet an unusually friendly camper who claims to have found some wreckage from the crash: a mysterious piece of shiny foil. In over their heads, the two friends are unsure what to believe. Reconciling their past may be the only way either of them walks out of this desert with a future.

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