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Severin films catalogue added to Troma Now streaming platform

The streaming platform from Tromaville, Troma-Now is making an addition to it's library. Today it was announced that Severin Films has joined forces with the indie film label and will start streaming Severin titles like "Libido" and "The Man with Two Heads". Tons of Severin features will be added to the platform including some restorative copies of the labels favorites.

Troma is excited to welcome Severin Films to Troma-Now! Troma fans will soon be able to catch thrilling classics and cult gems such as Delirium (1979), Libido (1995), The Man with Two Heads (1972), Jekyll (1969), Alien from the Abyss (1989)... and so many more!

"I’ve been watching Troma movies since I was a splatter movie loving kid," says David Gregory, Co-Founder of Severin Films. "I was over the moon to be given the opportunity by Loyd and Michael for Severin to do the recent restorations on bona fide classics from the Troma library: COMBAT SHOCK and THE LAST HORROR FILM. We at Severin are always down to take a trip to Tromaville and now that they have launched their very own digital platform, we’re delighted to have titles from our library on the service. Troma forever!"

"How fantoxic to welcome Severin to Troma-Now." Said Lloyd Kaufman, president of Troma Entertainment. "Severin and David Gregory truly love independent cinema and create the best quality restorations and the best quality physical media that I have seen during my 78 years on planet earth."

Troma-Now is the most thorough and independent streaming platform in North America. Featuring over 1000 unique films, Troma-Now has attracted film fans from arund the world for 15 years.

This thrilling addition to the Troma-Now library is just one of many collaborations with which we are celebrating our 50th Anniversary. We've worked with so many wonderful people over the years, and it's a pleasure to welcome Severin Films to the most Tromatizing streaming platform in the world.

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