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Shannon Elizabeth & Danny Trejo-starrer DEATH ON THE BORDER lands trailer

Based on writer/director Wendy Wilkins’ first-hand experiences as a policewoman prior to her filmmaking career, the timely film stars Shannon Elizabeth (AMERICAN PIE), Danny Trejo (MACHETE), Frank Whaley (PULP FICTION), Eric Roberts (THE EXPENDABLES), Kika Magalhães (THE EYES OF MY MOTHER), Iseluleko Ma'at El 0 (PORT CHARLES), Jay Hieron (BONEYARD), Robin McDonald (FINDING STEVE MCQUEEN), Dutch Johnson (MADE FOR LOVE), and Wilkins.

Two women who have been wronged by a corrupt detective risk their lives to rescue a group of young women from a sinister human trafficking network with the aid of the fearless priest who has vowed to protect them.


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