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'Sifting through darkness' "SEE FOR ME" - movie review

Just when you think apps have reached a limit on their capabilities we are often reminded that is not the case. Maybe one of the most under utilized ideas behind apps in films are the ones that help with senses. More terrifying than any horror film would be to lose your sight. For one former top level skier that becomes blind during an accident her difficulties adjusting to her new life are just the beginning. In the Randall Okita thriller SEE FOR ME she now has a new threat from a few home invaders. SEE FOR ME is a hip stylish thriller any first person shooter fan would enjoy.

Skyler Davenport plays Sophie. A former world championship skier adjusting to a world of darkness. While she understands it takes time to adjust she has little patience as her former life has been stripped away. She hones her skills enough to land a few jobs house sitting and a rare opportunity approaches her. What should be a routine night of cat and house sitting becomes a nightmare when a few un expected guest show up. SEE FOR ME provides tons of intriguing entertainment from start to finish. The use of the app and the way the service agent ( Jessica Parker Kennedy) interacts with Sophie is spot on. For COD fans and more there will be a great sense of appreciation for the use of the camera angles and how they relate in the popular first shooter franchises. This also provides a hip welcomed vibe to SEE FOR ME that should appeal to younger views.

Once the intensity of SEE FOR ME picks up it never lets down. Davenport creates a love/ hate relationship with the viewer as she battles her own morals and dilemmas during the midst of this crisis. It becomes a film for survival trying to lure you to brink. The setting blends well with the perception of the world Sophie currently resides in. Dark, unapologetic but filled with noise. Kudos to Okita for allowing the audience to feel a tad bit of the fear Sophie is dealing with.

SEE FOR ME wraps up nicely and I think will please fans upon conclusion. How viewers gage the connection between Sophie and the agent will be key. SEE FOR ME will be added to a list of solid films utilizes today's tech as a source for terror or in this case help!

3.0 / 5

SEE FOR ME IS Directed by Randall Okita Starring Skyler Davenport Opens in Select Theaters, on Digital Platforms and VOD on January 7th


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