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"Sting" heads to digital this month; DVD & Blu ray this July

For those who still cherish physical media, mark your calendars! Kiah Roache-Turner's sci-fi Spider flick, "Sting," is hitting Blu-ray and DVD shelves on July 30th, but digital platforms will premiere it earlier on May 28th.

In "Sting," a young girl's pet spider undergoes a terrifying transformation into a monstrous flesh-eater, thrusting her into a battle for survival alongside her family. Directed by Roache-Turner (known for "Wyrmwood: Apocalypse") and featuring monster effects by Weta Workshop, this film promises a fresh take on the creature horror genre.

The cast includes Alyla Browne ("The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart"), Penelope Mitchell ("Hellboy"), Ryan Corr ("Holding the Man"), and Jermaine Fowler ("Coming 2 America"). Expect a chilling and visually stunning experience with "Sting," available on digital platforms starting May 28th and later on Blu-ray & DVD with bonus behind-the-scenes content on July 30th from Well Go USA Entertainment. Don't miss this thrilling journey into the dark side of pet ownership!

After her pet spider rapidly transforms into a giant flesh-eating monster, a 12-year-old girl must fight for her life—and her family’s survival in STING, an exciting, elevated spin on the creature horror genre for contemporary audiences​​.  Written & Directed by Kiah Roache-Turner (Wyrmwood: Apocalypse), with the monster special effects by the Academy Award®-winning Weta Workshop (Special Visual Effects, King Kong, 20026), the film stars Alyla Browne (The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart, upcoming Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga, Sonic the Hedgehog 3), Penelope Mitchell (Hellboy), Ryan Corr (Holding the Man), and Jermaine Fowler (Coming 2 America)​​. STING hits EST May 14, and debuts on Digital May 28, before landing on Blu-ray & DVD July 30 from Well Go USA Entertainment. Bonus content includes three behind-the-scenes featurettes detailing “Creating the Monster,” “The Director,” and “The Cast.”

After raising an unnervingly talented spider in secret, 12-year-old Charlotte (Alyla Browne) must face the facts about her pet—and fight for her family’s survival—when the once-charming creature rapidly transforms into a giant, flesh-eating monster.


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