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Submissions and Slashers Podcast Episode 60: Dancing Village The Curse Begins & More!

In a thrilling new episode of the Submissions and Slashers podcast, hosted by the charismatic Travis, listeners are treated to a spine-chilling review of Dancing Village: The Curse Begins, along with other captivating segments that keep horror aficionados on the edge of their seats.

Dancing Village: The Curse Begins Review

Travis delves into the mysterious world of mythical villages, where snakes slither and the dead rise to dance in this haunting review. Fans of eerie folklore and supernatural tales will find themselves enchanted by the horrors lurking within this cursed village.

Abigail Review

In an unexpected twist, the podcast explores Abigail, a horror comedy thriller featuring a vampire ballerina who kicks some serious butt. Travis highlights the film's great action sequences and unique blend of horror and humor.

Weird News of the Week

Listeners are intrigued by the peculiar story of Wally, an emotional support alligator reportedly lost in Georgia. The bizarre yet endearing tale adds a touch of the unexpected to the podcast's lineup.

Humane Review

Caitlin Cronenberg's dark and hilarious comedy Humane is dissected in a lively discussion, offering insights into its themes of entitlement wrapped in bloody humor.

Indie Film Shout Out from Below the Grave

Shudder's NIGHTWATCH: DEMONS ARE FOREVER, a sequel to the 1994 cult thriller, receives a glowing shout-out, promising eerie delights for fans of the genre.

Next Week's Streaming Highlights

Travis gives a sneak peek into what's streaming next week, including the DVD releases of Destroy All Neighbors and Imaginary, along with the VOD debut of Silence of the Prey and the theatrical release of The Strangers: Chapter 1. Not to be missed is the arrival of Nightwatch: Demons Are Forever on Shudder.

Big Action Thriller

The episode culminates with excitement for Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes, a blockbuster hitting theaters this week. Travis hypes up this unmissable chapter in the epic saga of ape supremacy.

Tune in next time for a tarot review, Kingdom of The Planet of the Apes deep dive, and more weird news from around the globe. Submissions and Slashers promises another thrilling episode packed with horror gems and unexpected surprises.

Stay tuned and stay horrified!


For more updates and the latest from Submissions and Slashers, follow them on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook @hmuncut.

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